What is Discovery ROM?

Discovery is an Android ROM based on Android Open Source Project (AOSP).
We want to offer a pure Android experience with essential features that can improve your usage experience.


Screenshot of Discovery Settings

Discovery Settings

Customize your Discovery experience!

Screenshot of Discovery Settings (2)


Check the changelog directly from "About phone"

Other features...

  • Android P animation style
  • Screenshot delay choice
  • Three-finger screenshot
  • Navbar Tuner
  • Torch with power button with screen off
  • Force volume keys to control media volume
  • Long-press volume button to seek music tracks
  • Volume rocker wake
  • Double tap to sleep on statusbar
  • Heads-Up toggle
  • Ticker notification style
  • Statusbar clock and date customization
  • Battery icon style customization
  • Battery percentage
  • Double tap to sleep on lockscreen
  • Fingerprint authentication vibration
  • Notification LED customization (for battery and notification)
  • Exclusive Discovery hardware keys custom rebinding

We are Discovery

Salvatore Festa

Salvatore Festa

ROM & Kernel Developer
Francesco Colella

Francesco Colella

ROM Developer

Lucia Belardinelli

ROM & Kernel Developer
Davide Dellai

Davide Dellai

App & Web Developer
Luca Pensabene

Luca Pensabene

Web Developer
Alex Bicego

Alex Bicego

Graphic Designer

Emanuele Bolzon

App Developer
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